Chandan Zaman Ali

Blues Guitar

listen to songs from "Onamika" and "Hridoy bhore Bhalobasha"

Violin Playing 2

Chandan released his first solo Album in 1997, Album titled "Onamika" with 12 songs. His 2nd solo Album was released recently in March 2010, Album titled as "Hridoy Bhore Bhalobasha" with 9 new songs and one remix from the first solo Album. Both of his Album consist of Ballad genre.

Welcome Sunset

music videos Winning and Chandan

listen to songs "Winning" and "Ochena Shohore"

Knight Pointing Right

Chandan was the vocal and guitarist of K-OZ from 1985 till 1987. Than he joined the band Winning as main vocal and guitarist of the band. He tuned 6 songs on the first debut Album named "Winning" was an immediate hit in 1991, songs were mostly ballad rock genre. Winning's 2nd Album was released in 1994 with another 10 new songs that was tuned by chandan, Album titled as "Ochena Shohore", rock ballad genre.

Chandan working on his 3rd solo Album expected to release January 2011.

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